Who can slay a headwrap/turban: the knots of cultural appropriation

We are proud of the fact that our community of wrapstars continues to grow towards diversification. We aim to celebrate women and girls [and men] of ALL hues everywhere who share three things in common: unmatched magic, unique creativity and a relentless drive to be true to their core. 
The history of headwraps can be traced throughout different parts of the world among different racial and ethnic groups thus representation here matters. Here, we started with black women, our primary clientele base and aren’t shy about celebrating ourselves because our dimensions are aplenty. 
Our approach is inclusionary and we believe that our fabric encompasses everyone. Equally important is that we always honor the source of our inspiration and credit them appropriately. 
Inclusion is the entryway into the full dimensionality of our business practices. Differences make for colorful  stories and prints and that’s our expertise. 
Don’t be afraid to put on a headwrap, turban. There’s a color that’s just perfect for you and the knot is your signature cherry on top. 
with Love, 
@KrikKrakMarjorie for WWK ❤️