Our Story


WRAP AND WHAT KNOT was born from my love of colors, art, and history. Inspired by these things, I decided to create my own unique spin on a centuries old tradition: the head wrap. Here you will find a collection of head wraps embracing women and girls with ranges of creativity and magic. There’s something for everyone, from pre-tied head wraps to loose rectangular wraps. Certain wrap designs come with a satin lining on the interior.

The wraps are handpicked from different places around the world and reflect all the different stories, colors and characters. The sewing process happens in small shops in Washington, DC and Haiti. I only want to design with you in mind so getting to know the story behind every sale is important to me. Your stories energize this journey and are my motivation to create products that you care about.

Because we are a small unit in a much bigger system, exercising gratitude is vital. I am grateful for supportive friends and creative minds that helped bring the vision to life. With every Wrap and What Knot purchase, you will benefit a family’s life, secure a child’s future and support a community’s growth and sustainability.

My goal is to commit to our clientele by making beautiful and exceptional products and remaining open to inspiration and gratitude. There is a story behind every wrap and it is important to me that yours be included in it. All of your energy and intentions are woven into your fabric. The world is your accessory. Be your daringly kind and brave self with unmatched creativity.

with Love,